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What is SSL?

Secure Socket Layer, or SSL, is the technology used to create safe, secure, encrypted links between a visitor (user) and a web site. By using these secured links, you can ensure that all data (including your personal information like credit card details) will remain private, safe from internet eavesdropping.

As the industry standard, SSL is used by millions of web sites and their visitors during online transactions like entering your personal information or buying from an ecommerce shop.

Why buy my certificate from Get Secure?

With fast, friendly and accessible support you’d be crazy to buy your certificate anywhere else! Let the team at Get Web Services’ SSL division, Get Secure assist you in the process of ordering and implementing your SSL Certificate today. internet.

How much will my certificate cost?

Get Secure utilises the trusted Instant SSL certificates, ensuring the greatest compatibility and ease of use for your visitors. As a partner, we are able to offer great deals on SSL certificates, with full web site certificates starting from just $99!

How do I get one?

To apply for your Get Secure SSL certificate, simply complete the form below. One of our technicians will be in touch with you shortly to begin walking you through the process.

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